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Electronic Wires
Receive Updates in Real-Time

When choosing to build with Birch Home Builder's, one of the services that we provide is the app BuilderTREND. 

BuilderTREND allows you to keep up with your home being built in real-time. In doing so, you will be able to see updates, scheduling, photo sharing, and change orders. 

With BuilderTREND, you can track your home's progess and also stay up to date with the exciting process of building your home.

On the Phone
Accurate Pricing

When setting the budget for your dream home, we want to be as accurate as possible when setting the price for your home. We do this by using take-off software that breaks down your entire home to give you an accurate price. Unlike some homebuilders that price up to insure they don't take a loss, using our take-off software insures you are paying for exactly what you are getting.

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