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Birch Build Process


Before beginning the building process, carefully consider your budget for this new home. What can you afford? Do you have a financial cushion for changes along the way? Having a set budget in mind before you begin building helps keep your costs in line.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Now begins the real fun. Birch Home Builders will help you with a plan designed specifically to meet your family’s needs. Our home designers can modify plans we have or develop an entirely new plan tailored just for you. By being involved during your home’s design, we can utilize value engineering to ensure we stay on budget while building your custom home.


Now it’s time to make your home truly unique. Reflect your own personal style by choosing decorative selections from our trusted group vendors, suppliers and interior designers.

Paint Pots and Color Wheel


Once you decide to build your custom home, it’s time to decide where you want to live. Whether you plan to purchase land or already own it, don’t wait for fully developed plans to finalize your lot selection. Let our real estate partners help you find the perfect lot as early in the build process as possible. The sooner we get involved, the sooner we can help uncover potential lot risk and ensure your desired project is completely feasible.

Contract & Specifications

After designing your home plan we will give you a final price and specifications package with allowances, options, and finishes.

Wood Piles


Ready to see it come to life? Once construction begins, Birch Home Builders will meet with you throughout the building process to keep you informed about the progress of your home and what step is coming next.

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